Cyber Security Book Series

About the Cyber Security Series

The Cyber Security Series is focused on creating a collection of material that helps readers learn, understand, and build actionable skills in all aspects of cyber security. These can range from highly technical topics to broad and encompassing methodologies related to risk and compliance.

The key characteristic – the theme of the series – is pragmatic. We want to capture the knowledge and lessons learned from our authors and channel that wisdom to the reader in a manner that is digestible and can be used as a reference on approach and style.

For example, you’ve led a team on the integration of large scale security solution, such as federated identify management, PKI, SEIM, or DLP; or as a CISO you implemented new security strategies, architecture, organizational models, and budgeting practices. In all cases there was an approach you took spanning leadership, decision making, communications, technical design, implementation methods, technologies leveraged, and timing, as well as pitfalls, mistakes, and lessons learned you want to share.

Pragmatic is building a rhythm with the reader where it’s about getting to the point and then imparting wisdom, perspective, and advice.


Guide for Authors

Download the guide and proposal template. And learn more about the series, what it takes to produce a book, starting on a proposal, and getting in contact with Jim Tiller

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