H3 is committed to providing emotional support and service, through highly trained canine companions, to assist Combat Era Veterans suffering from PTSD and other service connected ailments regain the quality of life they once knew.


H3’s vision is to ensure every Combat Era Veteran suffering from PTSD/TBI and other service related ailments, through the use of trained service/support canine companions, receives the emotional and physical support they have earned and deserve.


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A passion over 20 years in the making, H3 is the culmination of Veterans with the desire to serve other Veterans in need. 

Based on current statistics, 22 veterans and 1 active duty service member takes their life daily.  That’s 2 to 3 times higher than in the general population.  Our service men and women deserve better.  

H3 partnered with Combat Veteran owned Quality K9 Concepts and Raidon Tactics offering  trained service/emotional support canines to Combat Era Veterans in need.

H3 rescues suitable companions from local shelters, kill shelters are evaluated first, and foster homes.  This enables us to save the life of the dog and ultimately help the Veteran return to the life he/she once knew. 

Careful selection of both the dog and Veteran ensure a bond that is unmatched.  H3 offers the trained canine at no cost to the Veteran.  All placed canines are trained to the highest standard. All dogs are registered as Certified Service dogs, complete with service vest, health check and all vaccinations.   

H3 ensures all canines have also been independently tested, and pass, the AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen) test before placement.  H3 makes a commitment to the Veteran for lifetime training and support, also at no cost to the Veteran. 

Once a service canine is placed-the Veteran will be responsible for the daily care of their new companion, reinforcement of training, yearly vet exams and daily adventures as the person they once were. 

Won’t you help us continue to serve those that have served?  They, and their families, have sacrificed more than we will ever comprehend-it’s the least we can do.