This is a partial collection of articles I've written, had been interviewed for, contributed to, and other various industry activities. It's not comprehensive, but I'll continue to add and, of course, update with new activities.  

I was interviewed by Joanne Cummings of Network World for an article called, "How to SOC it to the bad guys".

The World Economic Forum (WEF) published “Rethinking Risk Management in Financial Services” as a result of a comprehensive workshop in New York, NY I had the distinct honor in participating in. Some of the brightest minds in the field across multiple industries and specialties were in attendance. It was a great experience for me personally and professionally, and I’m thrilled that I had the opportunity to contribute.

I used to spend a lot of time in Europe for work, especially in The Netherlands. As a result of my time there I was interviewed by Lex Borger from INFORMATIEBEVEILIGING for the April 2007 issue. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a complete copy, but here is a summary.

Rafal Los (@wh1t3rabbit), friend and former colleague, interviewed me for one of his podcast Down the Security Rabbithole episodes. Specifically, Episode 102 - Security Leaders Series - Jim Tiller.

Interviewed for an article in Microsoft SME Business Center about budgeting for security.

I wrote an article in CIO Magazine concerning security in difficult times titled, "Turning Tough Times to Your Advantage"

A popular article I wrote for Network World called "Four steps to mastering security kung fu"

I was interviewed as part of Microsoft's Security360 by Mike Nash.

William Eardley, IV wrote an article about my Ethical Hacking book on Security Management website.

Here's an article I wrote about my Ethical Hacking book.

An article I wrote providing an overview of an Ethical Hacking Framework.

I wrote about the security challenges that surface during mergers and acquisitions, having assisted a number of companies through the process.

I have a number of opinions about Cloud Security, specifically that Cloud isn't more of the same. 

An article about the pros and cons of disclosure, a hot topic at the time of the writing.

I was writing a lot on the topic of Risk Appetite, here I write Part 1 and Part 2 of a series on the theory.

There's definitely a difference between a cyber attack and cyberwar, but it's not easy to always tell. Unfortunately, I only found Part 2.

I wrote an article about security and social media.

I actually wrote two similar articles on the security implications of "smart" cars. One about the new frontier and the other about hacking cars.

Here's an interview of me discussing security and penetration testing.