Flashback Monday

I’ve been in a number of workshop meetings walking through the development of security models and solutions. It’s been effective and informative. I’m the new guy and not a lot of folks know much about me other than I’ve been doing security for some years. The topic of maturity came up and the role of maturity in security and the application of security.

Well, this happens to be an area I have some experience with and I’m passionate about maturity. So, I was googling around and found a copy of a press release from a decade ago. It was about when I was the CSO at INS and we achieved the highest NSA IATRP rated organization in the world. Something I’m proud of and the people who worked on that team with me are still friends to this day.

It was an odd experience. At first it made me feel super old… then proud…  But at the end of reading it again, it reminded me I know this stuff and not ready to be put out to pasture.

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